Friday, February 3, 2012

Willy Wonka knows what's up

Great news, everyone! Steven's bike was stolen.

Wait, scratch that, reverse it.

Steven's bike was stolen! Great news, everyone... we got it back.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from Steven saying that his bike was gone and he needed me to pick him up. At some point in the several hours that his bike was locked up at the metro station while he was at his evening class, some wacka-doo broke the lock and rolled his bike away.

Steven kept his cool and started filing a claim with metro security while I drove down the road in my pajamas, fuming, imagining that I would come across the thief on the way and run him off the road.

The claim was filed, security said they'd look for it, and Steven and I were pretty sure we would never see the bike again. Let's be honest.

Chicken BUT!, exactly one week later, we get a phone call saying that the bike was found at a pawn shop, just down the road from us. After a little negotiating between the coppers and the pawners and a lot of patience from Steven, the bike was taken to the station, where we were able to pick it up last night. No scratches or changes, even the KSU sticker required to park bikes on campus was still there.

As I was waiting in the car for Steven to get his bike, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw him rolling it down the sidewalk, the happiest, goofiest grin on his face, skipping! To all of you who prayed for the search, for all of the well-wishers and sympathisers, THANK YOU. The bike is home, double locked to our patio and the image of Steven skipping will forever be firmly planted in my memory.



  1. So glad everything worked out! And any situation that allows one to reference Willy Wonka is always a win. * Sings "If you want to view paradise..." * (That's what I imagine Steven heard in his head whilst skipping.)

  2. Thats really unfortunate that it was found there. Most pawn shops require id fingerprint. etc to sell a item. Glad you guys got your bike back.