About Me, the Writer

1. I like commas and white space. And sarcasm.
2. I like midwest space and east coast subways.
3. I babysat a pig once. Bacon is delicious.
4. I graduated from K-State and got a BA in English and a BA husband.
5. I will never save a spider. I will always love airports.
6. I hate popsicle sticks.
7. I think I can control my body temperature with my mind.
8. My best friends are mainly Caitlins and Katies.
9. I prefer lamp light.
10. I had a hard time making this list.

This is a picture of me, taken with a bike that is not mine, in a place I have only visited once. When I see it, I think of how fortunate I am to live my life. I also think of how much in this life is borrowed: words, wisdom, umbrellas.

I do not know if what I write will ever make me money; I'd like that. But even if it doesn't, I can still lend you a story or two and maybe I will entertain you. Maybe I will move you.