Monday, September 26, 2011

Back in the Saddle

I don't want to put too much thought into this post. I'm tired... I just turned down popcorn, for crap's sake. But I still want you all to know what happened to me today, on this, my first day back at work in the suchandsuch year of our Lord. 

1. I arrived forty minutes early because I was afraid of the traffic on the beltway. I'm still afraid. The east coast is just trying to fool me.

2. I mentioned Kansas only three times, and it was not obnoxious. It was cool, like, "So, Kansas... How about that?"

3. I said "Yeah, OK," like ten thousand times, but only understood a tiny amount of what was tossed at me. 

4. I ate a can of tuna in my car on my lunch break. And read the last book of the Twilight series. I'm not sure which of those things is worse. 

5. I had some free time, so I donated blood. 

I WHAT!?!?

Yeah, today was a day to donate, so I climbed onto an American Red Cross bus, I kid you not, and donated blood on a weird bussy bed with the ceiling a foot from my face. The bus was old too, which seems safe and sanitary. 

This is not what my bus looked like, but it is a bus.

6. I got texts from some of the nicest friends in the world, wishing me a great first day. 

7. My husband was even happier than I was to know that people were nice to me. 

8. I'm in a cubicle. I don't hate it. 

9. There was no traffic on my way home from work! I'm still not buying it. 

10. Eventually, I'll get paid. 

So, there you go. I'll try and keep you posted as the week progresses and things develop. It's weird to go into a place, knowing it might be temporary. 



  1. Love all of your posts, you amazing writer woman. So glad you are not trusting the traffic as I bet it is some mean east coast traffic trickery. They try that on all unsuspecting Kansans.

  2. Good job! I hope you got some good cookies on the blood bus!

  3. George, how did you know!? M&M cookies and cranberry juice :) And thanks, Lauri :) You make me feel like a natural (writer) woman.

  4. I hope you milked your first day for all it was worth by answering tough questions with "Look, it's my first day. I should be drinking coffee and reading the employee handbook." Loved this post, so great (as usual)!! :)

  5. :-)The last twilight book is definitely the worst...And, no worries about traffic- I magnetically pull in the opposite direction with my car :-)
    Glad your first day was good!