Monday, April 11, 2011

Thoughts before the flight

Are you familiar with the windstorm we had in Kansas a few days ago? It wasn't a classified tornado, but it sure shook things up for people.

"Where was the warning?"

"Where are my shingles?"

"Where the EFF did my fence go?!?"

So I ask, what looks like a tornado, acts like a tornado and smells like a tornado?

The days before and after a wedding.

Steven and I have belongings everywhere; things we set down and have yet to pick back up. If you find a shoe or a purse, it's mine. Give it back.

But seriously, our sleeping has been exchanged for moving in to the apartment and figuring out where to put a TON of awesome gifts with a limited space and we need a dresser, STAT. We went to bed at 2:00am and woke up again at 3:00am to make our flight to Baltimore and I am feeling the days of non-stop activity in the tightness of my flats on my swollen feet.

It's pretty awesome to be married, as new and foreign as it still is. I keep thinking: My mom's finger nails are still a golden shade to match her dress; Some of our friends and family who came from so far away have yet to return to their homes; I still have some time before I have to go to work... and so on. Just all those details that were so significant of our BIG DAY that are still lingering in the corners of its completion.

We're married. It happened and it happened fast and I wasn't ready to let it go.

But now, it's time to start new things. I'm still super torn about giving up my name. Steven and I have talked about it, how it becomes a part of your identity and he agrees it would be hard to let that go. I'm glad I still have some time to figure it out; to try on a different name, see how it fits, see how it feels.

And of course, in a very short amount of time, we'll be moving to the East Coast. Holy crab cakes, Batman!

I just wanted to tell you all that I'm going to write a wedding post to rock your world. That I would stand up on the security scanner right here in this air port and shout to the KCI world that my friends and family are the best in the world if it wouldn't hurt our plans.

Thank you thank you thankyouadsf;lkjas;ldfja;lsd, for all you did to fill up that sanctuary and reception with love and joy and encouragement. We can't think of a better way to start our life together than with all of you surrounding us.

I wish you love.

Catch you on the flip-side!

Love, Us.

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  1. McKenna~You are quite the windstorm yourself, leaving in your wake so many people blessed by the minutes they've had with you. The wedding was fantastic! I can hardly contain myself when I think about the whirlwind of activity that filled those last 48 hours and all those who swept through with their time an talent to make that church the beautiful stage for your wedding that it was! Your bride's maids were everything a mother would want for her daughter, working tirelessly...ok, maybe they got a little tired, but never slowing as they and others so dear to each family helped create in real-life what you had in your creative mind for so long.
    As for belongings, today I woke up and realized I'd left my iHome somewhere and then Lauri called looking for a tablecloth. I guess we're both still a little scattered too.
    Sooooo, I picked up my iHome that was found in the church kitchen??? and she found her tablecloth before it disappeared in the abyss of Sunflower if I could jut pick you up.
    Right now it feels like I left you somewhere. But then I think of you and Steven and I know everything is as it should be. God has given us an incredibe gift in him. He is the answer to your prayers and therefore, the answer to mine. As the saying goes, I haven't lost a daughter, I've gained a son...and what a wonderful son he is!!!