Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday in Manhattan

The closer Steven and I get to the wedding, the less I sleep. I sort of fade in and out from sleepy wedding planning to full on wedding obsession.

BAM! We're getting married!

But also, my friend Mel gets married ta-day. As in, at four o'clock this afternoon.

It feels really good to be in Manhattan, where I met her and where her friends became my friends and mine became hers. We're not freshman anymore, but we sure as hell dance and giggle like we'll be young forever.

So how awesome is it to be awake at six, pre-heating the oven for breakfast casserole and playing with each others hair? Ridiculously awesome.

And it's really special to be girls on the verge of bride-dom, taking a deep breath together, knowing that our intendeds are somewhere close by and waiting.

Congratulations, Mel and Mike! I think you're great :)

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