Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Two-sided waffle iron

This week is a week of new appliances. At this very moment, there is a dehumidifier in my basement room, removing the excessive moisture. And while I enjoyed pretending to be Harry Potter in my damp closet room, I could not be happier. Immediately upon entering my room, I reach down and pat the little machine who works so hard to make my world a drier place. On top of that, the Hall family has replaced our beloved waffle iron (God rest its soul) for a new one that, well, works. It's far fancier, making two waffles at the same time. It even has a customized waffle-batter scoop. Awesome.

Among other things, I watched The Road yesterday; the post-apocolyptic movie with Viggo Mortenson. Honestly, it was one of the saddest, heaviest films I've ever seen. And normally, that would be right up my... road? but this time I find little beyond the actors' excellent performance to recommend this movie to anyone. It's just too lightless. I do, however, highly recommend Disney's Hercules, which has been on my heart and mind for days now as a must re-watch. It's a classic.

I'll probably get back to my Honey Bunches of Oats with fresh raspberries now. I have a hefty to-do list for the day which mostly involves smaller to-do lists from days before. I'm really on top of things!

By the way, approaching the forty day countdown until Steven/Burkina/Trip of a lifetime. Wish you were all coming with me. Just kidding. But seriously, wish you were coming. But also, not.

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