Monday, June 21, 2010

Mumford and Sons: The Gentlemen of the Road

A few days ago, I went to a concert in KC, MO (rhyme) with a few uniquely and delightfully dear friends. The night started with a heavy rain that pushed me into Half-Price Books while I waited for them to meet me for dinner. Half-Price Books is the last place I needed to be and simultaneously the best place I could have been. Where else can I find my favorite DVDs, neatly pre-owned just WAITING to be swooped up into my loving arms? Needless to say, when I finally met up with my group, it was with a healthy stack of media.

We went to the West Port Flea Market for curly fries, burgers, and a lemon-tipped Boulevard Wheat. Yu-um. The rain moved on while we dined, allowing us to join the line of concert-goers just in time to see two complete rainbows hanging over Westport drive. I ask you, is there anything more perfect than a rain that comes and cleans and leaves you with rainbows? No, and let these details leading up to the concert confirm that there are such things as magical moments- the best kind of real-life magic.

The line built on slowly behind us for an hour until the doors opened to the sold out floor of The Record Bar. Tables had disappeared, chairs were nowhere to be seen. Immediately we stationed ourselves at the front of the stage, spread-legged and arms crossed to secure our spots for the show. It was totally worth it. Mumford and Sons is a true live band- energetic, passionate, engaging and effing talented. They treated us like the first audience to ever hear their songs- that kind of respect would win anyone over, and it certainly won us. Several times throughout their show I turned to my friends to exchange a look of awe. Gah, it was so good. I recommend trekking to England to hear them sometime, or popping over to the nearest location in which they next play. You will not be disappointed. I wager, in fact, that you will leave looking for more ways to incorporate their music into your every day.


  1. Will you write posts for my blog?

  2. of course. How are you friend?

  3. Just dandy. I was thinking to myself that I'm blessed with some friends who are really good at writing and inspire me to want to write more frequently and get better at it.