Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend, you krazy.

On Friday, Steven and I drove to PA via the non-toll roads, because we are BA. Also, having a GPS pays (literally). 

Anyway, we crossed the Susquehanna river in the dark hours of the night to spend the weekend with a friend. Because it was late and we had been at work/school all day, we needed to stop somewhere to eat. We found a Five Guys about a half an hour before closing time and multiplied the number of diners by two. So there were four people eating in the Five Guys. Math.

There were also two workers... Two, long-haired, pale faced young men, who lacking any real girth, could have shared an apron. They were kind, and avoided sweeping under our feet as they cleaned, which made us feel less like jerks for sneaking in at the last minute. They were also playing some freaking creepy music over the speakers. I kid you not, it was eerie Halloween music with screams. 

What are you thinking, nice teenage boys? You live in a town that grows mushrooms (and it smells like BUTT), in this beautiful, historically rich state, and you are freaking. me. out. And seriously, as Steven and I stuffed our faces with fries, we wondered if we were going to die. Death by burgers in a Five Guys (in a town that smelled as if it had been shoved up the butt of a mushroom) was an unacceptable way to go. 

We finished our burgers and left, so we're fine, and here I am to tell you about the rest of our weekend.

We bought a TV! It makes us act like these guys:

Our new TV is so smart and big and shiny and big! We spent many hours, several at the Best Buy store in Delaware (no tax), looking at TVs, trying to decide which one was just right for us and we finally decided on a ______ __________. I omit telling you exactly what we bought because maybe you'll have strong opinions about the brand or type, and until you come over and watch a movie with us, you are not allowed to think one negative thought about our set.

So come over and watch a movie already! I'll even let you hold the remote; the plastic is so smooth.

And today, Sunday, we hung out with our friends. We went out to eat and played volleyball and went out for frozen yogurt and held hands and sang songs. All in all, we just had the best darn weekend a body could hope to have. Why does it have to end? Because even though I don't think Columbus deserves a holiday, it sure would be nice to have the day off.

So happy day off for all of you who have it, and to the rest of us: Columbus was a jerk anyway. 

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  1. Well said McKenna Columbus you were a Jerk day! I totally agree. Loved your Blog! Enjoy your new TV! Thanks again your the best :)